Primavera - Natural Ox Blood
Primavera - Natural Ox Blood
Primavera - Natural Ox Blood
Primavera - Natural Ox Blood

Primavera - Natural Ox Blood

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Primavera: A classic Derby boot, the Primavera is the women’s version of our Mohawk boot, which features rolled toe lacing for comfort with a full gusset for added waterproofing and protection from dirt and dust. Created using 360 Stitchdown construction, it boasts exceptional durability, waterproofing, and flexibility. The Primavera’s sole is recycled coconut husk and rubber. Named for Primavera Avenue in Cypress Park, which was named for the lover of an 1800’s Los Angeles cartographer, whom he called “mi primavera,” or “my springtime.”


7” tall Derby Boot
Full grain leather upper
360º Stitch Down Construction
Leather lined vamp
Full leather gusset
Rear pull tab
“Top Facing” rolled leather trim
Metal eyelets
Contrast stitching


What's different from your shoes vs. the other brands?

We are the only all-leather barefoot shoe on the market. From the sole to the inner lining, to the outer shell, every component in our shoes is made from leather. This gives a very unique feel that adjust to your foot over time. And, high quality leather also last significantly longer than other materials, so with our shoes, yo get a product you can be proud to own for years to come.

How is the leather in DaVinci Shoes different from other leather?

When it comes to leather, the high grade material is not cheap and we only use the highest quality. True full-grain leather needs to be hand selected to avoid imperfections and then tanned for many weeks with the right type of oils. This ensures the leather will not rip or tear with use and can also stand up to the elements. This also gives the leather a very rich color that penetrates all the way through. It can be waxed and shined when dirty to bring out even more of a luster.   Cheap leather on the other hand is either coated with plastic or finished in a way where the outside is sanded off. Surprisingly, most goods (including many luxury brands) will use this cheap leather for their products because most consumers cannot tell the difference when a product is brand new. It's only over time where the leather either rips or turns grey where it shoes.

How thick is the sole?

Our sole is 6mm thick and it is a cork filled leather sole with rubber on the front and back. There is leather in the middle to give it a more flexible mid-section that adds to the barefoot feel.

Is there a grounding effect to your shoes?

Yes. Leather is conductive in the right conditions and with an all leather mid sole, our shoes provide a grounding effect. This means your body is grounded to the Earth like when walking barefoot. The theory behind ground claims that when walking barefoot on the Earth, you discharge negative ions that help with healing the body by reducing inflammation.

What is the barefoot feel like?

The barefoot feel our shoes provide is very unique. The all leather construction combined with the leather liner provide an extremely smooth feel that adjust to your foot over time. This provides a softer feeling that coats your foot and is more like a soft glove rather than a shoe.

What size should I order?

Our sizes run large. Some of our customers prefer this fit as it provides more room for your foot to stretch when stepping. Order a 1/2 smaller if you are unsure of the size to order.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from our Design Studio located in Los Angeles, CA. When ordering, we'll ship your product out the next day and you'll receive it in the mail a few days after that.

How do I order?

You can order from our website at

Or if you have questions, you can call our customer support at: (323) 683-9968

What if I have more questions?

You can ask them on our contact page here. We appreciate any and all questions.

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